Self, 2015, Ace Hotel 24 by 36 residency, Nyc

24 BY 36 is a program where 36 artists produce 24 works overnight at Ace Hotel. 12 solo artists and 12 collaborative duos spend one night in a room at the New York location.

This collection builds off of an ongoing project about the various ways we identify ‘self’. The private actions that contribute to and service self that appear mundane are actually highly personal. However, we see them only when someone else is looking. By consciously witnessing these behaviors, the changed perspective reveals a highly nuanced reflection of self that we would not otherwise assess. These images depict an unconscious sprawl of activities one does when given an opportunity for isolation and pause. These behaviors mingle with routine and exploration, as they reflect the habits of private self, as well as how self reacts when applied to a new space. The result is series of photos staged and shot by myself, alone in the Attic 14 room for 17 hours.