A concept project in emotive functionality.

This project started by questioning how common objects in our lives perform beyond their prescribed physical functions to fulfill other, less tangible, needs. By recognizing new potential roles common objects can play in our lives, we wanted to acknowledge these 'other functions' (emotional/psychological fulfillment) as equally important to a person's wellbeing.

We chose the domestic bathroom as a case study, as it is a hot spot for these 'other functions' (or unprescribed secret activities), which are curiously supported through its standard fixtures. Why do we gravitate toward this highly utilitarian space as a place of solace, investigation, indulgence and excitement?
By designing an environment that gently facilitates unprescribed secret activities, we hoped to highlight the inherent emotive qualities of the bathroom, and the influence of the idiosyncratic on a personal wellbeing.
Graduate project in collaboration with Michelle Fu